Mistakes, Experiences, and Curiosity

Mistakes, Experiences, and Curiosity
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Mistakes, Experiences, and Curiosity

Throughout life, we will all make mistakes. It’s inevitable; although sometimes preventable. The best thing to do is learn from these mistakes, not become fearful of them.

Fear is a big antagonist that hinders many great experiences that we could have. You are only afraid because you’re not aware and educated about the subject matter. This can make you overwhelmed, impatient, and stressed out. Given a traumatic situation, you should always remain calm and try to figure out a resolution because there’s no reason to intensify your anxiety and make matters worse. You have to understand that you put yourself in this situation and you can try to correct it now or create more complications. You can pout and cry about it; or you can grow up and take responsibility for your life.

When fear is eliminated from your mindset, you will be able to endure on new experiences. You will be open to try new things and embark on new adventures. That’s where curiosity comes back into the picture. Curiosity is what drives us to explore and do ridiculous and outrageous things. It is a natural high that keeps us feeling young like the curious children we once were.

Mistakes will always occur in life. Just make sure you learn from them and try to refrain from performing the same mistake. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Stay curious, explore, and encounter new situations. Live and learn; it’s all a part of life. One more thing; always remember to enjoy it!

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  1. Conrad #

    Curiosity leads to learning (and as you stated exploration). Learning creates experiences and opens up new opportunities. And you’re right…fear restricts growth and limits your potential. Nice post. Very thought provoking. Hit it right on the spot.

  2. Mundo #

    Fear restricts capabilities. Fear can be mental and or physical. Take care of yourself and your health and the next journey you will be taking will be a much more enjoyable one.

  3. D #

    I must disagree with the statement, “fear restricts capabilities.” Fear can be a catalyst for exploration. Fear can spark an unlimited amount of possibilities. Restrictions may be introduced as a problem, but also can be an opportunity for a solution in a form of self-improvement and growth. =)

  4. 4

    I must agree you have a point to your statement about fear being a catalyst. If fear is making you take action for something, then that means fear is also helping you build and overcome in a way. It just sounds to me that you’re overcoming fear in a different way, which is understandable. You have fear, so you’re learning and understanding, so you can take a new approach to it. I believe that it produces the same outcome, but we’re looking at it from different lights and i’m glad we’re able to see differently. It’s always great to hear from people with a different point of view! I appreciate your comments! (=

  5. Nica #

    I believe fear can restrict or motivate greatness…. Each person has their own way of molding a situation in which they are dealt with. Regardless what it is, we should all take what we are given and run with it. Easier said then done, yes, but in the long run will be well worth it. I agree with the live , learn and remember to enjoy it. If you don’t, no one else can for you. 🙂 well spoken taney.

  6. 6

    The economy is making changes in my life that I did not initiate. It may continue (probably will). Despite my fear, I hope that these uninvited changes will bring new adventures and that my curiosity will always aid me in finding a new path.

    (Hey, I see you are in San Diego? It’s my hometown! Thanks for stopping by MosaicMoods. You can view my homage to the Pacific Ocean there under Beaded Mosaics: Ocean Heart.)

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