Taneyism (tan-nē-iz-uhm) –n. A new-age perspective developed to help people see the world in a new light. Perception is the key to how we see, feel, and act in relation to our environment. Attaining a sense of clarity will provide direction and put the control back in your life.


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My Story

It first all started when it was getting close to my college graduation. I looked at the future as being very depressing, filled with pain and suffering, and nothing really to look forward to. So I thought, I’ve been in school for the last 15 years and suddenly I am supposed to transition into the “real world” where I just work my life away to maintain the basic necessities for survival. It appeared as though there was nothing to look forward to except more obstacles and responsibilities.

During this time, a friend introduced a book to me called “The Secret”. I’m sure all of you are familiar with it. It presents the Law of Attraction from the standpoint of Rhonda Byrne and her fellow colleagues. To be honest, I felt that this book was filled with brainwashing mechanisms to manipulate ourselves with thought patterns and activities to help shape the way we think and perceive the world. To sum up what the law of attraction in three words would be, “thoughts become things!” I decide to open my mind and give this book a try. I continued to accept and consider these ideas, perspectives, and even tried some of the recommended activities. I don’t agree with many of the things from the book, but I have definitely received great insight from it.

This began to expand my views on life and help me toward my spiritual journey. I started researching online, spending hours at the bookstore reading up on new age, spiritual, and self-help concepts, and just sharing my experiences with my fellow peers. I felt like the world was changing so much, but it was actually just my perception of the world. I strived to find out more and more about these fascinating views on life and what the big secret is. Now it seems as though by pursuing all these new ideas, I had adjusted my own mindset and mentality, which in turn started attracting new and great things into my life.

Shortly after, I met one of my mom’s friends named Rhonda Lyons, which was a psychic medium that communicated with spirits. I eventually felt like I entered a new realm of spirituality. Let me tell you, I always thought spirituality was for weird and detached individuals. In reality, they are really open minded individuals that are willing to consider and accept new beliefs. She offered to perform a reading for me and also what she calls an angelic light initiation. As any normal person would feel, I was really skeptical about these practices. Rhonda described it as a clearing process that deals with the proper circulation of the chakra wheels. For those that aren’t familiar with chakra, it is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. There are 7 of them that correlate with the physical body. I’m not going to get into it much, but you can find out all about it online and at your local bookstore. After the first session with Rhonda, I had felt many changes in my mind and body. The feeling was exhilarating, but I cannot really express what I have felt. Throughout the next few months, I continued on my quest toward spiritual awakening. Rhonda performed two more initiations on me. More and more ideas starting pouring in; it seemed as if someone was aiding and guiding me.

It hasn’t exactly been a very smooth journey. I graduated in May of 2007. I took a break from school and starting studying for the CPA while looking for work. I did not really dedicate myself to studying and sitting for the exam until the break of 2008. As the months went by, I passed more sections of the exam (the CPA exam is composed of 4 sections). Around late May of 2008, I was informed that my cousin from Tucson, Arizona was diagnosed with a really rare and aggressive cancer. I am really close to my family, especially my cousins because I grew up without any siblings. This was really devastating to me! My priorities shifted and I started on my search for cancer treatments, therapies, causes, and alternative medicine. Again, this made me see life in a different light. It was really hard to see my cousin in this physical condition. I really wanted to be there for her. In late July, I had sold my motorcycle, packed my things up and moved to Tucson, AZ. At the time, I felt like I had made a drastic change in my life and was uncertain if it was the best for me, but now I have no regrets at all.
While in Tucson, things felt really foreign to me. I came to America when I was one month old, so I was pretty much born and raised in southern California. To leave the city life and enter such a calm and unusual place was a huge transition for me. It was a new adventure in life and it was about to get more interesting. I met a vast amount of diverse people out there. I learned to understand the environment, people, and lifestyle in Tucson. This was all new to me. I never really interacted too much with people in California. I mean, I did my networking when the time was right and I greet people at the cash register, but not many deep conversations with people since it’s a different and fast-paced life. For some odd reason, my perception of time while being in Tucson was really slow. For example, I would be running errands all day. Upon returning home, it would still be early and I would have my whole day ahead of me. This gave me a lot of time to ponder and focus toward self-realization. I began to notice the many problems and issues within myself as I elevated myself in deep meditation. Over time, I have resolved many of my internal conflicts and becoming a much better person day by day. My cousin seemed to be doing better and I had other issues at home, so I decided to make the move back to California.

I packed up all my things and moved back during the end of September. I started transitioning back to my life at home. I was only gone for roughly 2 months, but this place felt so different now. I had adjusted to Tucson life and this was all new to me again. Eventually I went back into job-seeking mode and back on track to study and sit for my CPA exam. Everything was starting to feel right again. I continued to visit my cousin on a monthly basis. She came down to visit for Christmas. It was definitely nice to reunite the family and spend time together. While in Tucson, she was either stuck at home or at the hospital receiving treatment. It was nice to see her away from that life. She seemed really happy and enjoyed her Christmas vacation.

Shortly after her return to Tucson, she passed away on January 9th, transitioning to a place where pain and suffering does not exist, but her memories continue to live on. It was a really tough time for me. I took some time off from everything again to find myself in life and adjust my priorities. Weeks flew by and I decided that I needed to focus on my life again. I went back to studying for the CPA exam and looking for work, while blogging and publishing my ideas on the Internet. With intentions to promote my blog, I went on other similar sites, read up on their views and commented. Little did I know, this helped me expand my mind more and grow as a human being. New ideas and perspectives started rushing in and it shifted everything again.

Life is all about living, learning, encountering new and different scenarios, and last but not least, enjoying it. I know it sounds cliché, but I totally agree with the phrase “Live, Love, and Laugh”. I have realized that changes in life are not necessarily bad. For the most part, they are good, but we just don’t realize it until later or we choose to react to it in the wrong ways. As you have noticed, all the obstacles, situations, and changes have really shaped me to become who I am. I am truly grateful and I vow to share my wisdom with all of you that are willing to listen and consider what I have to share. Everyday is a new day with new surprises. I am beginning to genuinely enjoy life to the fullest as I am on my search for new things. My goal is not to reach my destination, but to enjoy the journey because it’s so satisfying that I don’t think I even want it to end. Thanks for reading! I wish you all the best on your search toward enlightenment!