Manager of Time


Throughout life, I’ve realized that many regrets stem from poor time management. Some might contend that it’s due to poor decision-making. While that’s partly true, one can repeat the same circumstance(s) and still have regrets. The way I see it is, if you managed your time appropriately, you would be able to allocate your time for a ‘re-do’ perfectly.

I took a step back in time and wondered how we were able to achieve successes in such a short period of time. Think back to when you were a teenager and had a year-end school project due but your emphasis and perseverance did not settle in until roughly a week or two before the project was due. Suddenly, you were committed to finishing the task. These tasks become more apparent in a summer college course as you would be completing these types of projects pretty much every day or every other day.

If we were so successful while in the school system, why can’t we apply this to ‘real life’? The story goes without saying, majority of us are procrastinators and that’s how we’ve been programmed. In school, we had no option except to finish the project so we can pass the class and promote ourselves to the next grade level. If we applied the ‘NEED’ to ‘real life’, we would be extremely successful!

In order to get started on the right path, one would need to eliminate the habit of postponing or giving up when the challenge becomes difficult. This involves building ourselves up so we’re able to tackle these tasks head-on at any given moment. In short, it starts with ‘MASSIVE ACTION’. Start adjusting your lifestyle so you can take more action(s) and accomplish more in the next 24 hours. Over time, being ‘active’ will become your new habit. With your new superpower, you can start planning your future and executing. With this new perspective, anything is possible and achievable. Setting goals, planning your objectives, and putting in actions will bring your life into your wildest dreams!

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