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There is no predetermined luck in this world. A factor has to do with a person’s perception of luck. Some choose to accept luck as being fortunate, while others might say it is a chain of events occuring in their favor.

Regardless of our perception, the idea of luck is created by us. It can be portrayed as an expression of our attitude, personality, and visualization of the environment. Therefore, one has to realize that luck, whether it is good or bad, is based on how one chooses to shape it.

As human beings, we are not born into this world perfectly. Society has influenced us in many ways. Sometimes it is able to offer us great knowledge and wisdom that is beneficial to our existence, but it also can introduce harmful things that negatively affects the mind and body, such as stress, hate, anger, fear, horror, worry, and anxiety.

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    Good luck. Bad luck. Luck is a word created by a person’s mental state of trying to ease their incomprehensible fate to something more logical. Let experience guide us, logic may be misleading.

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