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Hold On or Let Go?


“Letting go” can be considered a form of giving up, but sometimes it can be considered gaining the strength and confidence to achieve even greater things! I’m not the type of person to be giving up at it. I’m usually very persistent, but you have to understand that in certain situations, it can be a downfall. You have to weigh in all the pros and cons. I agree in being persistent and working to chase your dreams, but keep in mind that it’s not always about working hard, but more about working smart. You cannot get blinded when the right opportunities come.

I was talking to my mom about how to be more powerful and successful as you age. To me, I know that if you are able to utilize and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as you age, you will become unstoppable. I know as we age, we become slower and lose our youthful physique, but we build wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences that we’re able to integrate into our daily lives, which leads to less stress, more joy and freedom, and sometimes even more excitement. Majority of the time that we become angry, hurt, mad, annoyed, and sad is due to how someone responded to us with certain words or phrases but it’s rarely any physical harm. They are not causing these feelings and emotions but rather our conditioned responses to these words and this can be changed. Once you’re able to work with that, you will be almost unstoppable! On the playground, we learned the saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words never will!” When we are able to live by the saying again. We won’t hurt ourselves anymore, but the one’s trying to hurt us will get hurt! Think about that one! (=

I agree that our generation may have its flaws, but that doesn’t mean I have to be like them and quite frankly, everyone has flaws. The question is: Are we going to change and correct these flaws?

I think it can be a tough world, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as it’s portrayed. With the right attitude, mindset, and network the view of the job market changes. I’m still working at it and I’m not giving up! (;

Hold On or Let Go?


Thanks soo much for another insightful comment! Your distinction of ‘ideal’ and ‘real’ makes great sense. I like to think of it as being realistic or wishful thinking. It’s nice to have positive outlooks in life, but there’s always a line you have to draw. There’s pessimists, realists, optimists, and wishful thinkers. Like everything else in life, it’s always beneficial to reach some sort of middle ground. I’m an optimistic person myself and it might work for me, but not others. I believe that you should always try to make yourself feel good in this world, which helps you through the rough and smooth transitions in life. You should also try to stay practical and true to yourself.

I totally agree with you on being your ideal self; taking steps to becoming a better ‘you’.

Thanks again for dropping by! I always enjoy your insights and perspectives!


Thank You Steve!

Releasing the Influences to Become a Better 'You'

Hi Raymond! Thanks again for another insightful and moving comment! Yeah, I feel you on how we will never meet anyone like ourselves. It’s like we call the color of the grass green, but is the green I see the same as the green you see? There’s a possible chance that it could even be completely different, we just labeled it green because our teacher pointed at the grass and said it was green. Your green could appear like yellow to me, but I’ve been taught to label it ‘green’. I mean, it could be something with the structure of our eyes or maybe how our brain processes what the eye sees. The fact is, we are all different. Even twins born from the same mother at the same time, can be completely different!

I totally agree that no one can say what’s the truth. When people tell me, “in reality” this and that, I don’t agree with it because it’s their perception of reality and not reality in itself. If we really took the time to understand each other, we would probably see eye to eye, instead of having these misunderstandings arise. That does not always work because even if you see eye to eye, the other person won’t choose to and you have to learn to become the bigger person at times because it’s not worth the fight. There are much bigger and better things in life to focus on.

As you become a better person, I think life just seems to transition much more smoothly. I can relate to that from personal experience. Try it out for yourself! I’m sure you’ll notice great outcomes over time.

Thanks again Ray! You’ve been very supportive in helping me expand my mind to learn and grow. I appreciate your perspectives and I can totally understand where you’re coming from and accept everything you say. It makes complete sense!

Guiding Through Change

Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for dropping by!

That’s a great perspective! I never looked at it in terms of our country. We do live in a capitalistic society, which is based on competition. For quite a while competition has led us to room for improvement, but the world is evolving and changing into a different state. We need to learn to utilize our resources and work together to improve the the progress of our country and economy. It becomes all political. As a country, the US strives hard to be the International Superpower.

I totally agree with you! Team work and unity will be the key to the survival our human existence. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it!

Life as a Vegetarian

Thanks for dropping by Sue! That’s amazing! Congratulations to sticking on a vegetarian diet for so long. I totally feel you! The more I do my research and homework, the less I want to touch meat. People like you inspire me and encourage me to achieve many great things in life! Thank you Sue! Take care as well! (=

Life as a Vegetarian


Congratulations on sticking with a healthy diet for so long. Great to hear that you’re reaping the benefits of good health from a well-nurtured diet. Good luck with baby #2! It’d be nice to see pictures when he/she arrives! (=

I’m sorry that you had a bad experience as a vegetarian. I hope you’re doing much better now. I don’t necessary believe that being vegetarian is necessary for good health. I do, however, believe that people should introduce more whole plant-based foods into their diet. If you’re doing that, you should have no worries about your diet. I also like to say that I really enjoy your blog and I hope to read on more interesting ideas.

Thanks buddy! I haven’t talked to you lately, but I hope you had a great birthday in Vegas! (=

Our physicians are taught to treat our illnesses by analyzing only what’s affected and they try to treat only that specific area. In reality, that does not work because our body functions as a team of different organs and systems. I’ve studied the Chakra wheels and how they function, but I never saw the connection between eating vegetarian with it. It makes so much sense though. I’m always striving to improve mind, body, and soul. Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate your insightful comments.

I also think that the science is not too far behind, but there’s a lot of greed and money involved in our society.

Guiding Through Change

@Raymond, @Flora, @Evelyn:
Thanks so much for the comments! I truly appreciate all feedback. It helps me see in different perspectives and definitely opens me up to new ideas. I believe expression of thoughts helps us understand each other as human beings.

@Mahalaxmi T R:
Hi Mahalaxmi! Thanks so much for dropping by! I never really looked at it from the Zen perspective. You raise a good point there: to use other ways to help the person seek their own solution. I think that’s truly a great way to help someone since you’re letting them solve their own problems, yet advising in a way that’s easy to accept. I like it! Thanks for sharing! (=