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Guiding Through Change

I love this quote…. “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

I truly believe you cannot help a person unless they want to be helped. If the person doesn’t want to hear it- why should they, right? Just like most people in this world, we all play both sides, giving and receiving. I have at least one friend who falls into your list of… shall I call them, advisors? My favorite is the Mr./Mrs. Right or as I like to call it ‘people with know it all syndrome’

Why is it that the ‘misunderstanding person’ is the most common? Do we humans really lack paying attention to what’s really going on? Do we choose not to care? I assume this changes the persons attitude towards the advice being given to them and they become defensive.

Taney, we all need to vent occasionally and consult others for advice. What is, or how is the best way to seek GOOD help without interacting with these advisors? Especially, when you actually WANT to be helped from others. Can I just clone you and keep him as a pet? lol Thanks Taney.

Your “LALALALALA” buddy,